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Snagging List Survey

Whilst some new build properties are built very well, others can be rushed and have several issues, hence the New Homes Ombudsman being created in 2021. 

With many developers sub contracting the construction process, quality control can be an issue as tradesmen focus only on their own elements. Paid to work quickly and to tight timeframes, corners can be cut. The rise in cost of building materials and labour is also putting pressure on developer's profit margins. 

A snagging list is a checklist of what you're not happy with, or what has not been finished properly. Give the developer time to put things right so you don't move into a building site. Your specialist new build lawyers need to place a snagging list into your purchase contract. 

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Our expert and licensed drone surveyors will check the condition of your roof, chimneys and any hidden valleys. Hidden defects out of view can be very expensive to fix, and cause damage inside. No nasty surprises. 

What is a snagging list survey?

Snagging list surveys are for new build properties. They are an inventory of things you are not happy with or that have not been finished by the building developer.

Our qualified surveyors visit your property and prepare a photographic schedule of items which have not been completed satisfactorily by the building contractor. This document should be submitted to the developer so they can conclude any remaining items prior to the completion of your purchase.

According to the New Homes Review, more than nine out of 10 new homeowners said that they experienced snags or defects in their new property once they moved in and half of these people were unhappy with the service the developer provided to rectify the fault.


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With a snagging list survey prior to completion, these problems can be identified earlier in the process giving you the information you need to ensure that defects are dealt with before you pick up the keys.

As an additional service this report can include a valuation of the finished property.

In some circumstances, a snagging list survey might be able to help to renegotiate with the developer.

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